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  Transport information.

Most of us will have to fly to get to Cuba. As far as I know there are no regular shipping mines to Cuba left though some cruise ships go to the island.

On these pages I focus on how to get to Cuba and how to get around once you are there.

I personally rent a car most of the time, but that is an expensive proposition in Cuba. Within the cities there are taxis available, though not cheap. These are to be paid in Peso Convertible.

To get from one city to the next on public transport you have the choice between:

- interior flight with Cubana de Aviacion

- trains ("regular" and "special" ones)

- buses mainly from two companies: Viazul and Astro


By no means transport in Cuba is cheap and it pays to plan your "moves".

Space on public transport is limited so: plan ahead and reserve for those "must make it" journeys. Also don't forget that delays and breakdowns are numerous. Play it safe.


If you think about hitch-hiking: get in line. Thousands of Cubans already do so. There is even a system of payment. A hitch-hikers pays the driver of the car depending on the distance covered. You will actually see people waving pesos at you while you drive.

For those driving: picking up hitch-hikers is very safe in Cuba. I never had problems.

For first time drivers: the guys in the yellow outfits (los amarillos) are state employees that stop government owned cars and trucks to get people on them. You are not obliged to take any as a tourist.



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