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  Where to eat in Santiago de Cuba.


In Santiago you have the choice between:

  • Paladares

  • Casa particular (for guests only)

  • Hotels

  • State restaurants

A paladar is a private (non state) restaurant. there used to be a number of them in Santiago, though now only one or two are operating. There are more operating in the Playa Siboney beach area.

Casa particular are allowed to offer meals to their guests. They are not allowed to receive "walk in" guests.

The hotels have in general a poll side or lobby bar that offer snacks. They also have one or more restaurants of varying quality.

State restaurants have always proven to be the worst places to eat. Santiago has some crappy ones. Some are half way decent and all beat a "Chinese" restaurant I ate in in Camaguey once.

Santiago is not a culinary haven. You don't go there for the food.


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