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  Casas Particulares.

A "casa particular" is a "bed & breakfast" place where you can rent a room and get meals when staying there.

Though the quality of the accommodation varies most offer a good room often with a private bath and air-conditioning. The meals offered are often better and larger than the ones that you can get in the state restaurants.

It is the best way to experience Santiago de Cuba: living amongst and with the people.

Most casas still list their prices in dollars, but as from November 15 2004 the dollar will no longer be legal tender in Cuba. Payments will than have to be made in "peso convertible" (also known as "chavitos"). Casa owner will insist on being paid in this currency as they will lose 10% on all dollars they exchange for peso convertible, the currency in which they do their purchases.

The casa owners are heavily taxed. The pay a flat monthly fee per room (U$ 100 to U$ 200) per month and a percentage of annual earnings at the end of the year.

Their operations are strictly regulated and they risk losing their license if they do not follow them by the book. One of the basic rules is that all guests have to be registered.


A registered casa is identified by the following sign:


OLD (up to 2006):


 Casa particular sign 2004Casa particular sign 2006




Casa particular sign current


One of the best mini-portal to find a casa particular anywhere in Cuba is:








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