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  Car rental.

On this page you will find the location of the car rental companies in Santiago de Cuba.

I can recommend Cubacar, Havanautos and Rex.

Rex has the best cars but is the most expensive. Both Havanautos and Cubacar are in the same league as far as prices are concerned, but Cubacar has a better service and better cars.

You will be able to rent a car without getting a special "international license". You will be required to pay a guarantee deposit.

Some good advice: take ALL insurance, full coverage for theft and accident. Often small items are stolen from the car itself (windshield wipers, mirrors, ..) and in other cases spare wheels are stolen. The police will be extremely unhelpful if you report a theft and you can't name a person that was watching your car. A Santiago cop once tried to blame the theft in a main street in front of a shop on me as there was no designated watchman. It makes therefore sense to park in the areas that are guarded (near hotels or in safe areas on the streets). There licensed (and tax paying watchmen keep an eye on your car. You just pay them a 1 peso convertible tip.

The police is very creative in Cuba. Speeding tickets are handed out on the basis of "estimated speed" (by the cop) and you can face a policeman that tells you that "everyone" knows that this or that street is a one way street even though there are no signs. Argue with them if you can. It sometimes works. The fine is NOT to be paid to them (though some try to collect it), but is noted on your rental contract and paid when you return the car.

Try to cover up all your luggage. Soft top jeeps are a nightmare as far as security of luggage is concerned. Try to avoid having any luggage in them and if you have always park in a guarded area or keep an eye on the car yourself.

Watch yourself on the road as the roads (with few exceptions) are bad and the further east you go the worse they get. Potholes, lack of  street lights, ... even disappearing roads combined with inadequate signalization make it unadvisable to drive at night. Also watch it within the cities a holes dug for roadwork are not or badly signalled.

The Cuban government bought hundreds of thousands of bikes for Cubans a couple of years ago. They still drive them as if they are cars (middle of the road, ..). Watch them. They do the weirdest things. I have seen bikes without brakes and 4 people loaded on them going through a red light.

Car rental companies.

Cubacar Website

Main office:

Ave. Los desfiles esq. Ave. Las Américas,
Tel: +53 (226) 65 3525, 68 7177, 65 3084, 65 2323
Fax: +53 (226) 68 4044

Hotel Santiago
Tel: +53 (226) 68 7177
Hotel Carisol
Tel: +53 (226) 35 6169
Hotel Sierra Mar

Tel: +53 (226) 29110
Aeropuerto Antonio Maceo
Tel: +53 (226) 69 4195
Parque Céspedes
Tel: +53 (226) 62 8940


Havanautos Website

Main office:
Trinidad s/n esq. a Jesús Menéndez.
+53 (226) 65 1056 al 58
Telefax: +53 (226) 68 6062, 68 6061

Hotel Las Américas
Tel:+53 (226) 68 7160
Hotel Bucanero
Tel: +53 (226) 68 6363
Punto de Renta La Alameda
Tel: +53 (226) 62 2666
Aeropuerto Antonio Maceo
+53 (226) 68 6161


Micar Website

Main Office:

 Alturas de Quintero km 2 1/2
Tel: +53 (226) 68 6041

Fax: 53 (226) 68 6041

Aeropuerto Antonio Maceo
Tel: +53 (226) 69 2791
Parque Céspedes: General Lacret 701
Tel: +53 (226) 62 9194
Punto de Renta: Trocha, 24 de febrero y Ave.E. Chibás
+53 (226) 68 6001

Main Office:

Calle I entre 3ra y Ave. de Céspedes

Rex Website


Rex - Santiago de Cuba Address:

Calle 6 y Avenida Garzón

Santiago de Cuba Hours Of Operation: 8.30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m. Rex - Santiago de Cuba Airport Address: Antonio Maceo International Airport, Santiago de Cuba Hours Of Operation: 24 hrs


Hotel Meliá Las Américas
Tel.: 53 (226) 68 6444
Fax: 53 (226) 68 6445

Aeropuerto Antonio Maceo
Tel: +53 (226) 68 6444

Transtur Website

Main office:

 Tel: +53 (226) 62 3884, 62 8707


Hotel Las Américas:
Tel: +53 (226) 68 7290
Hotel Casa Granda:
Tel: +53 (226) 68 7206
Hotel Villa San Juan:
Tel: +53 (226) 68 6107
Aeropuerto Antonio Maceo:
+53 (226) 69 2245


Via Website

Alternative Site

Main office:
Carretera del Caney, calle 15 de Vista Alegre.
+53 (226) 68 7278

Hotel Casagranda
Tel: +53 (226) 62 4646
Punto de Renta: Calle 5ta. % L y M, Reparto Sueńo.

 Tel: +53 (226) 68 7141
Aeropuerto Antonio Maceo
Tel: +53 (226) 68 7018


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